Thursday, July 08, 2010

I have not blogged in a thousand years and I have no idea what to type in here anymore.

Anyway, I just saw Yink's comment on my tag board. I'm not still wishing for my 18th birthday! I'm forever 18! HAHA!! :D And I have no idea why that Taobao ad keeps coming up on my tag board. It's so irritating! Can anyone tell me how to block that? All I see is that ad when I scroll through my tag board. -_-"

So anyway, I'm working now, which is what everyone already knows. And my job is crazy. I have crazy hours, crazy things to do and crazy people to handle with. But I must say I really love my job alot! It keeps me busy during my free-est times and fills up my life. I've met so many people in just 5 months and I'm loving it! I'm working as an event coordinator anyway.

So now, I need some time off. I want to clear my annual leave in August, which happens to be my "dead" month. And I still have 7 days of annual leave. Where should I go? How should I spend it? I want to get away! Genting? Sunway Lagoon? Somewhere near but far enough for me to get away from everything here. I need a rest. ANYONE?!?!?!?!
Or I should go alone? But I'm too afraid to sleep alone in the eerie hotel rooms which is always rumoured to be haunted, ANYWHERE in the world. I'm such a loser. :(

I wanna go clubbing this weekend!
I hope somebody sees this soon since I assume nobody has been coming back to this page for a long time since I have not been blogging since a thousand years ago. Many since. :D

Okay, I'm off to bed and tomorrow's a busy day again! I'm going crazy and I really want to go clubbing. So, somebody please save me!

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Wednesday, December 09, 2009

"Hello, can accept Nets?"
"No, sorry I don't know how to use the machine."
"Okay, thanks."

"Hello, can accept Nets?"
"Okay, thanks."

And this went on for the next few cabs waiting in the taxi stand. And the poor me? I walked down the whole queue just to get a taxi that accepts Nets payment. And yes, I took a cab to school today despite having the peak hour charge and it cost me $12.70.

And I didn't mention that the cab that i boarded could not accept Nets as well and I paid by EZ-link instead. That's so cool! Although I've used it millions of times. :P

So now I'm surfing around in school, playing facebook and shopping online. And that's so boring.

Anyway I'm looking forward to work tonight! Not at Bonkers, which for those who don't know, is a pub my boyfriend and I works at. Tonight I'm going to a house party at The Grange with Fine Palate, serving food and beverages to the clients.

This post will be very random cause the next thing I'm going to say is, I'M GOING ON A MASSIVE DIET!!! I've put on so much weight cause my boyfriend never stops feeding me. But he's expanding as well. :P I need to stop eating so much and get back to my original weight or even lesser so I can continue to take on shoots. I don't even have the courage to do shoots anymore. :( I'm going to hide one corner to cry.

And also, my friend's getting married this Saturday! And I'm one of her sisters. And the best man actually said her sisters are not pretty so he wanted to spend money to hire models as her sisters. So mean right! But I guess he meant it as a joke. But anyway, I'm going to make sure we're all in the best condition so he will shut his mouth when he sees us. :) And of cause not stealing the limelight from the bride herself!

Its the first time any of my friends are getting married so I'm quite excited about it but I shall control myself and stop ranting.

Still no pictures cause I'm using the school's computer to blog now. But I promise, there will be pictures for Saturday soon! :D

And I'm going to change the look of my blog. I think it looks very ugly now. :(

So is this post random or not?

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Sunday, November 22, 2009

I am so bored!! :(

I know its been sooooooo long since I last blogged. Sorry! :(

I have no idea what to blog about since facebook is publishing everything in replacement of blogs. But of cause there is still things to blog about, like my daily boring life... and some interesting photos! :D

Shall blog again when I'm home, and upload aaalllllLLLLLLL my photos!!

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Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Pictures from our most recent shoot!

And now everyone is envy of us... :)

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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Work is so boring and tiring!!

Met up with Janice yesterday at her school for lunch. Had a long talk over lunch with her. Then went to meet my Quack Quack....

See, she's looking at me! :D
I need some de-stress holidays... I'm so stressed and tired that my hair keeps falling, skin's turing bad, eye bags appearing.. And all this spells scary!
I want to go oversea! Maybe to Taiwan! :D Do some major shopping and feasting. I just want to get away from this company. And JJ's so lucky to be able to end his attachment like soon... That's so unfair!
I keep dozing off at work and somehow I wish my boss will sack me but I don't want to fail my IAP! :(
I know this post is very random and messy..I can't process my thoughts properly now so please forgive me. I'm going to continue to stone my day away as usual, hoping the remaining 2 months will be gone soon. This is really a long 3 months.. :(

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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Bad typo error....

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Monday, June 01, 2009

Attachment's been a disaster with waking up at 6.30am, travelling all the way to Boon Keng, starting work at 8.30am, doing some work then having meetings for the rest of the day.

Either lunch break's delayed, or we have unpaid OT. That totally sucks.

Coincidently, Wanru's boyfriend is in the same company as me! Okay, at least a familiar face.

FYP's over last week and I'm starting to miss my crazy lab mates. We wanted to order pizza to school on the last day but due to some minor problems, it was called off. And lucky for us because the lecturers came right after that to access our projects.

My project was quite badly done and I'm hoping to just scrape through a pass and then say byebye to NYP.

Took lots of pictures on the last day but I'm still too lazy to upload so please be patient my darlings... :D

Anyway, I managed to survive my 2nd day of attachment by blogging here after eating a quite sucky sandwich. And I wonder if I can be on time everyday from tomorrow onwards.

And I'm starting to wonder if the fishes behind me will survive if they continue to threaten to jump out of the fish tank.

Alright, I'm going to start doing my flash banner now and I've got only 2 hours to complete it so....
I shall blog soon......

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